Mahindra EarthMaster SX

Mahindra EarthMaster SX

Our designers at Mahindra looked at the current scenario and made some dramatic leaps in the technology of our own Backhoe Loader and designed EarthMaster SX specifically for Indian usage patterns that breaks all the standards in the Backhoe Loader category.

Mahindra Ditec Engine

Mahindra has taken its learnings from tractor engines, to bring its fuel efficiency down to an incredible 4.5* litres per hour.

  • 10%* more savings with Mahindra’s DITEC engine
  • Compact 4 cylinder, 3532cc engine
  • Turbocharged intercooled engine
  • BS III pollution compliant
  • Super Saving

    With better technology and design enhancements, Mahindra has been able to lower lubricant refilling requirement with extended service intervals, thus reducing the overall maintenance cost.

  • Hydraulic Oil: 50 litres with 2000 hours change interval
  • Rear Axle Oil: 17.1 litres with 1500 hours change interval
  • Engine Oil: 13 litres with 500 hours change interval
  • Transmission Oil: 10.2 litres with 1000 hours change interval

    Simple ideas, lead to great improvements. Mahindra EarthMaster SX is a substantially faster machine loaded with features that lead to far greater productivity.

  • Better designed Banana Boom with 7%** more reach
  • Rugged and reputed gear pump
  • Maximum Dig Depth: 4959 mm**
  • Loader Dump Height: 2708 mm

    Mahindra believes that the most important part of the machine, is the person operating it. That's why we have worked hard, to make experience the most comfortable for his long hour of work.

  • Ergonomic layout and seating - all controls smooth and in easy reach
  • Advanced Mechanical control levers
  • 21* century styling. with plush car like interior
  • Personal storage space and tool box with easy access
  • Mahindra DITEC Diesel Engine Turbocharged Intercooled
    No of Cylinders 4
    Displacement 3532cc
    Gross horse power 58.8 kW (79.89HP) @ 2300 rpm
    Peak gross torque 306 Nm @1300-1700 rpm
    Front Cluster: With Speedometer, Turn and Head Light Signals indicating RPM, Kilometers Run, Hours Run, Fuel Level, Temperature.
    Maximum Dig Depth 4959 mm
    Reach at Ground Level to Slew Centre 5794mm
    Reach at Full height to Slew Centre 2676mm
    Maximum Working Height 6043mm
    Maximum Load Over Height 4302 mm
    Excavator Pivot Mechanism Side Shift
    Side Reach to the Centre of the Machine 6324 mm
    Excavator Bucket Breakout Force 5199 kg
    Excavator Arm Breakout Force 3182 kg
    Boom Hydraulic lift Capacity 1449 kg
    Backhoe Bucket Capacity 0.27 CuM
    Dump Height 2708 mm
    Load Over Height 3253 mm
    Reach at Ground 1350 mm
    Maximum Reach at Full Height 1115 mm
    Loader Bucket Breakout Force 6243 kg
    Loader Arm Breakout Force 5594 kg
    Loader Lift Capacity at full height 3428 kg
    Loader Bucket Capacity 1.1 CuM, Also available in 6-in-1 bucket
    Ergonomically designed cab with contemporary styling, excellent operator comfort, day and night time visibility, rear view mirror, multiple storage options, two door access, sliding rear window, stowable doors and an integrated tool box. Cabin frame built with sturdy tubular sections and protected with CED technology for longer rust protection. Fully adjustable premium operator seat with safety belt. Excellent leg space, conveniently positioned control levers and pedals. Low line curved hood to enhance operator visibility.
    1st F/R 5.66 km/hr
    2nd F/R 9.11 km/hr
    3rd F/R 20.00 km/hr
    4th F/R 39.97 km/hr
    Model Name Type: Four Speed (4 Forward, 4 Reverse), Two Wheel Drive (2 WD), Synchro Shuttle Transmission with Electrically Operated Reversing Shuttle and Torque Convertor having Stall Ratio of 2.64:1
    Rigidly mounted drive axle, with outbound planetary final drives, driven by short drive shaft.
    Centrally pivoted, non-driven unbalanced type axle, with total oscillation of 16°, with remote greasing facility for the main pin.
    Front 9 X 16-16PR - 2WD(Standard)(Industrial) 9 X 16-16PR - 2WD(OPTIONAL) (HEAVY DUTY)
    Rear 16.9 X 28-12PR(Standard)(Industrial) 14 X 25-20PR / 12PR(OPTIONAL) (HEAVY DUTY)
    Shipping weight of the Machine with Industrial Tyres 7430 kg
    Shipping Weight of Machine with HD Tyre 7580 kg
    Service Brake type Hydraulically actuated, self-adjusting, maintenance free, oil immersed multi-disc, on the rear axle, operated by independent foot pedals, joined together for normal operation.
    Parking brake typee Hand operated, inbuilt in the rear axle, low maintenance.
    Front wheel hydrostatic power steering, with priority function and pressure relief setting of 145 bar.
    Dust-proof switches, ignition controls for engine start, horn and reverse alarm, water and dust proof electrical connectors. 100Ah, 12V, Low maintenance battery. Alternator: 90 Ampere.
    System Type and Pressure Open Centre:250 bars
    Pump Type Fixed Displacement Gear Pump
    Pump Delivery 115 litres@ 2350 rpm
    Control Valves(Backhoe Loader) Sectional Valves(Sandwich Type, Individually Replaceable)
    Hydraulic Oil Circuit Capacity 100 Litres
    Fuel tank 120 Litres
    Engine coolant Ready Mix (17 Litres)
    Engine oil 13.7 Litres
    Transmission 19.2 Litres
    Rear axle 17.1 Litres
    Outside Bucket (Inner Wheels Braked) 4494 mm
    Outside Wheels (Inner Wheels Braked) 3091 mm
    Outside Bucket (Inner Wheels Not Braked) 5697 mm
    Outside Wheels (Inner Wheels Not Braked) 4464 mm
    Excavator Controls Mechanical Levers
    Instrument Cluster DiGi sense - GPS, GPRS base vehicle health monitoring and tacking system(Analog)
    Warranty 1 year^ Standard Warranty, Unlimited Hours
    Banana Boom Design Yes
    180 Degree Revolving Seats with Arm Rest and Seat Belt Yes
    Mobile Charger Yes
    Storage Box Yes


    Technical specifications, features are subjected to change without prior notice. Image used are for representative purposes only. Accessories shown may not be a part of the standard product. Actual colours may vary. E & O.E. All dimensions are variable within +/- 5% Standard Exclusions Apply. For further details on the warranty, please contact your dealer. According to approved independent agency, under manufacturer standard PER/VEH/21 certified at 1450 RPM Value measured under specific measuring condition.